I think it is unlikely that I will show in the book 4 LOK fire nation. So I decided to paint the entrance to the capital during the reign of his Zuko’s daughter . Of course (as I want the good fortune Azula) I drew two huge statues of the “heroes of Fire” Zuko and Azula like statues in Republic City.

This is beyond amazing.

OMG I thought this was real and then I realized that this is fanart.  *cries*  I did hear on avatarspirit that there is a new comic coming out but I haven’t heard any details about it except that gene says it has a lot of Zuko in it.  Does anyone have any idea what it’s about yet?

I don’t think there’s any official info about it yet, just what little Yang has said on Twitter, I presume. I figure we’ll find out more about that when The Rift Part 3 comes out…?

This is so beautiful that i have lost all words to express it.

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